Aug 22, 2013

King Mahabali


Unknown said...

Happy onam maheshetta... :)

Mahesh said...

Thank you rahul

Anonymous said...

Hello Mahesh,
Your creation is fantastic and beautiful of King Mahabali. I make animated ecards under the name of universelover, for, and I would like your permission to use this creation as I noticed it had copyright logo on it. If the answer is No, there will be no hard feelings towards you, but if the answer is Yes, Would you please let me know as soon as possible, as need to put together the animated ecard for Onam. You can contact me here,
Take care and happy a Happy Onam.

Unknown said...

nice work

Unknown said...

Kidukkachi work :)

Manikantan said...

Mahesh, The Mahabali is an awesome rendition. Reminds me of a picture my paati showed us when we were children. My compliments sir.

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