Aug 27, 2012



Pareshgiri Goswami said...

This is like your work we appreciate your work.also published post about you we proudly published yr all creative work for my friends please read about your post search here for Mahesh Nambiar the Artist on keep it up you are famous in Gujarat

Mahesh said...

Thank you Pareshgiri.

Nikhita said...

Amazing work, as always! Love how you've captured the likeness!

sreenivas alapati said...

wow.. that's so amazing.. LOVE IT.

Hesham Abdul Jabbar said...

All your cartoons are stunning, Mahesh.

Bharat K.V. said...

Awesome as always... Very few people take the tough route of capturing the subject's body language too. You do it every single time and keep rocking :)

Mahesh said...

Thank you Bharath, Hesham, Sreenivas and Nikhitha for your visit and feedback.

concept lines said...

this one is my favorite one,Mahesh!!!

Sudhir Chekuri said...

hi thanks i got useful stuff from this blog about short films.

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